Courses for carriers


Licence for milk carriers

GIRO TECH srl is promoting of cross-functional meetings by the productive businesses of their clients; the proposal is wide and diversified, and it includes:

– Updating Courses, directed to all the operators for the milk sampling, to the reception quay, and sending to the plant, together with the Laboratory Technicians/Production/Maintaining

– Instructions Seminars fitting all the Milk Box “Lattoprelevatore” and the Milk Web Data Collection users, in order to deepen the culture of good representative sampling, and the real potentialities, in order to increase the product performance, transformed by an excellent raw matter, selected by the best quality control

– On-line tutoring, in order to spread and share immediately our knowledge, directly in the situation of need, and to whoever needs it, by phone or by web, “whenever it is necessary, and on time”

– Licence for Milk Box “Lattoprelevatore” and Milk Web: the specific education for the dairy section. It will include the description of all the current laws. Moreover, directly by practical examples on the tools, the necessary procedures to make a good sampling with the Milk Box “Lattoprelevatore” and the collection of the data about the round with the Milk Web program will be taken into account.

At the end of the course, all the attendees will be given the licence, after a short exam with a comprehension test


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