Lattoprelevatore Milk Box

The new “Lattoprelevatore” Milk Box is the universal, multi-purpose and programmable tool, apt to all the requirements of the milk collection, of the representative sampling and the transport recording, beyond the Traceability of the Certified Supply Chain.

Developed according to a modular and interactive perspective, extremely flexible and adaptable to the already existing systems, it allows the reaching of a global and optimal quality standard, which all the businesses are looking for.

With this new and revolutionary tool, we have wanted to radically modify the concept of a traditional sampling, which had an end in itself. In fact, since today, with Milk Box you can record and memorize all the data, related to the “milk collecting path”, and rapidly transfer them by a serial line RS232C, by cable or by radio, with Blue Tooth, Wi Fi, USB, GPRS communication, in the “Milk Box Management – Web” program, and from there, directly to the “business management” to pay the milk to the consultants, noticeably simplifying the heavy hand – transcription practices of the milk – journals, which have been in use up to the present day.
The treated data will be soon available in electronic form, already since the milk loading in the stables.

All of this with the purpose to control and verify:

  • Traced quality
  • Certified spinneret
  • Production lots

Solid, stout, simple to use and to maintain, gifted with a refined, as much as reliable, multiprocessor electronics and with a practical and complete program to get and manage data, the MilkBox MKII H-P joins an incomparable technological level with the best ratio performance/price, result of a careful and skilled knowledge of the problems and demands in the field.

Gifted with a board clock, memory, temperature probe, bar code reader, to recognize and codify the confering, GPS antenna to reveal the satellite coordinates, device for the Wi Fi/Blue Tooth/IrDA / GPRS–UMTS–GSM communication, with a set of alarms to determine the representativity of the realized sampling, it can be promptly connected to sixteen probes, or feedings, as litre-counting, charge cells to reveal the weight, pH-meters, retaining and/or deviation valves.
The use of stepper motors for the peristaltic dosers allows a reliable, practically limitless, sampling, from any mass and kind of milk (bovine, buffalo, sheep, goat), ensuring its absolute representativity and reliability, according to the requirements foreseen by the Norm UNI / ISO / FIL / IDF 10746/1999.

Some technical details which make it unique on the market:

  • representative sampling, untouched by dragging
  • automated management of the milk traceability
  • version with DOUBLE sampling – two independent peristaltic dosers
  • version with DOUBLE sampling – two independent peristaltic dosers
  • versatile sample programming: none/only one/ two the same, or different capacity/ one for each charge at the stable and one in the whole mass, made up by weighted shares
  • sample for provision/discharge/working cycle/day/lot
  • DELAY cycle at the triggering of the sampling/anti-dragging
  • automated PURGE cycle at the end/anti-dragging
  • automated WASHING cycle on the spot C.I.P./saveable
  • automated RECOVERING of the charge losses in the aspiration system /automated
  • ALARM for not-representative sample/automated and saveable
  • TEMPERATURE sensor and presence of milk/ 0.1 °C resolution
  • ACIDITY sensor for milk/ 0.1 °C resolution – optional
  • BAR CODE reader to codify samples /optional
  •  450 saveable feedings, transferable to outer unities

Installation on a Milk Collecting vehicle – Motor – Towing – Trailer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Milk Box can be set up on any milk collecting lorry, light and heavy trucks, tractor trailers and towings, with normalized joints and horizontal or vertical pipe. It has no limitations in the diameter of the adopted pipe – standard DN 70 / Ø 65mm.





Setting up in Delivery and/or Sending Quay for Milk – Cream – Whey

APPLICAZIONI - BANCHINAThanks to the versatility of Milk Box, the Lattoprelevatore can easily be inserted in the lines of processing, reception and sending of milk, process insertions, whey discharge and washing waste, even in other food fields: yoghurt, surfaced cream, fruit juices, beaten eggs, beer, oil, wine.
Special self-cleaning valves, to reduce the pressure of C.I.P. washing allow to bear batterings caused by the pumped liquid up to 8 bar.
Remote control from the control room for the C.I.P. washing.
Fueling 24 V c.c./150 VA
Standard pipe DN 70 / Ø 65mm

Norm UNI – ISO 0746/1999 received FIL-IDF
The new Milk Box MKII Hi-Performance has been designed and built according to the requirements foreseen by the international norm UNI- ISO 10746/1999 received FIL-IDF, and it ensures in an objective way the Representative Sampling without Dragging and the Traceability and Trackeability of the whole Dairy Spinneret.

Law 119 / 03 “Quote Latte” and all the applicated D.L.R.
With the Milk Box Lattoprelevatore, it is possible to control the Traceability and Trackeability of the Spinneret, from the stable to the shelf, thanks to the recording and the printing of the provision data (temperature/pH/date/hour/quantity…), according to the Law 119 / 03 “Quote Latte” and all the applicated D.L.R.

CE certification – Components by MIL rule
The Milk Box Lattoprelevatore is gifted with a solid AISI 316 stainless steel IP69 airtight, container, for immersion. Moreover, it is also assembled with components by MIL rule, able to work in temperatures from -30°C to +90°C, tested in a thermal climatic chamber, and to resist vibrations up to 3G.
In compliance to the requirements for CE Certification.

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