MilkWeb is the modern solution for the Milk Collection.

With this application, all the heavy operations related to the printing and recording of the data adopted by the “Menalatte” today, are simplified in a few clicks.

Transcriptions and hand archiving of the old paper supports will be replaced by the automatic and digital acquisition of all the data of the milk collection.

At last, the complete and timely control of the milk collection will be possible, without any transcription mistakes; moreover, the copies will be printed and archived, even in electronic form, building up always available and rapidly exploiting archives.

MilkWeb fits all the dairy businesses of any size, from the small cooperative with a few producers, to the big, multi-plant dairy business, and particularly fitting the First Grade Producer Cooperatives.

MilkWeb is composed by two parts of software:

a. The MOBILE performance:

  1. Allows the insertion of all the data of Milk Collection by the producer and the related operations of loading/unloading/transfer/integration
  2. It communicates to Milk Box “Lattoprelevatore” the instructions to carry out the representative sampling, and record the quantity/temperature/pH/date/hour/ satellite coordinates
  3. It’s able to produce all the correspondence in compliance to the Milk Shares, according to what foreseen by the Law 119/03, and the following updates of the Regional Implementation Decrees.
  4. It starts safe and timely connections to transfer data to the business CED, particularly fitting the multi-plant firms, by GPRS/Wi-Fi/USB
  5. It archives systematically all the data in the most used formats: .xls/.mdb/.txt/.asc/, immediately ready to be consulted
  6. It improves the accuracy of data entry, using the Bar-Code reader, and the survey of the GPS satellite coordinates. Therefore, by the acquisition of the electronic signature, the collection of probable photos, related to non-conformities, it will be possible to make virtual all the paper documentation.

b. The SERVER access:

  1. It allows the immediate and rational taking on of data, directly in the Managing Programs already in use in businesses, where it will be adopted, the passage of all data on a FTP space (cloud), provided by us, and safe, and also the HTTPS Certificates (optional) to encrypt communications, will be provided
  2. It simplifies the communication of all the useful pieces of information, useful and necessary to the carrier and the IT office, about records/milk rounds/types of product/analysis/movements/communications/assignees/shuttles/destinations…

Related Products

Thermal Printer
Thermal Printer
Different models of printer are available, to communicate with Milk Box “Lattoprelevatore”, by serial cable, by radio or by the MilkWeb terminals, by Wi-Fi/Blue Tooth/IrDA.
Sample Fridge
Sample Fridge
It guarantees the perfect maintenance of the sample cold chain, from the collection during the collecting trip, up to the analysis laboratory.
Data Unloading Form
Data Unloading Form
A practical form, embedded on the vehicles, it allows a wireless communication of Milk Box "Lattoprelevatore" with the business PC. It is designed in two standard models, Wi-Fi and GPRS-GSM, and it is possible to integrate a GPS antenna, to control the routes, by the recording of the satellite coordinates of the producers and the destination plants.
Interface Form
Interface Form
Form for the wireless interface, available in WiFi and Bluetooth model, between the Pocket PC Terminal / MilkWeb Smart Phone, and Milk Box "Lattoprelevatore".